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If you’re an Autistic individual or their family member or guardian, please click here.

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Services for Autism

If you or a member of your family are seeking legal counsel for any form of legal matter, Reform It Now will provide you referrals to competent attorneys specializing in the field of law you require, and in your local area (as possible). There is no charge for our services but you will be required to register. Click here to register and tell us about your specific legal needs.

We don’t believe in big bureaucracy, so you’ll be contacted quickly by one of our team.

For Attorneys

Accredited members of the Bar in good standing may apply to take our online courses. The process involves a short training period, a quick test, and then Verification by our committee. There are fees involved. To learn more, click here.

For Those in the Court System

Judges, court officers, clerks, police and prosecutors are welcomed to participate in online courses and seminars about the needs of Autistic citizens in courts. There are fees for these learning opportunities, though no verifications for public listings are issued.