August 5, 2021

For Immediate Release:

Continuing Legal Education Scholarships Help Create Autism Awareness

Program helps establish greater access to online learning for over 1000 attorneys

January 24, 2015 (Wall, NJ) — Reform It Now, Inc., a 501(c)(3) announced today that it has formally released the application for its Continuing Legal Education program.

The organization’s purpose is to teach people in the justice system and legal profession about autism to create improved awareness. Qualified for scholarships are senior law students, judges, law clerks, court clerks, prosecutors, public defenders, government attorneys and others. Private attorneys may also qualify provided they meet specific requirements. A fixed number of scholarships will be provided in each state or jurisdiction where our Continuing Legal Education courses are offered.

The courses are presently in development by a sterling team of law school professors specializing in autism and mental disabilities in the law.

Part of the course materials will teach about the signs that can trigger an autistic meltdown in persons on the Spectrum (ASD) under pressure during court proceedings.

Those awarded scholarships who complete the course will be listed in Reform It Now’s directory of attorneys trained to help the autistic. The guide will become a critical resources for those with autism and their caregivers.

An autistic person is seven times more likely to engage with police than one who is not autistic, though they are no more likely to engage in criminal activity than the rest of the population. Their increased risk usually arises from bullying, victimization and misunderstanding.

While applications are online, they are downloadable PDF files, and should be printed, prepared and mailed. Because they require sensitive attachments, Reform It Now has opted to use manual methods to process the applications. This provides the greatest security for applicants.

There will be no deadline for applications, which may be submitted any time throughout the year. The online courses are offered on-demand, making scholarship deadlines unnecessary.


For additional information, please contact Reform It Now, Inc.  by email via Photos may be available upon request.  Interview requests should be made in writing to:

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