Legal Referral GuideJoin our Legal Referral Guide and help us Reform It Now! Being listed in the Guide helps ensure that the rights of Autistic citizens are not denied or ignored.

Why Join the Legal Referral Guide?

Every year the percentage of citizens diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder grows. It was calculated that in 2013, one in three American households had someone in their nuclear family affected by the condition. As these numbers grow, so do the legal needs of these citizens who are often unable to deal with the complexities of the law.

Today, when an Autistic individual faces a legal matter, he or she is often denied fair treatment or equality in law, and others will often prey on their condition. Many attorneys are inadequately trained or experienced to help the Autistic client with their legal needs. Worse, many take the case without consideration to the special needs of their client.

Our goal is to achieve equality, justice, and fairness in our court systems and in legal services for those with Autism. We look for qualified, sensitive and respectful attorneys who can handle the special needs of Autistic clients and their families. Those listed in the Legal Referral Guide are presented to potential clients by our team with the goal of providing the client with the best possible attorney for their needs.

The Reform It Now Legal Referral Guide lists attorneys who have completed a qualifications questionnaire and those who have completed our training, testing, and verification. By doing things this way, we ensure that the Autistic have a fair chance in a court case and protection from those who would cause them harm.

Registered attorneys can join in different ways, and obtain different benefits. With a basic listing, attorneys in the Legal Referral Guide will have their information provided to prospective clients. However, those who complete the training and obtain verification will be given preferred listings and recommendations from our staff.

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