“It is only the ignorant who despise education.” – Publius Syrus, 42 B.C.

Reform It Now was organized to provide education services to the legal community about autism and mental disabilities. Our goal is to create awareness among lawyers, judges and others in the justice system, as well as private companies, government agencies and others.

Education is the key to creating equality and fairness in the legal system for those with autism and other disorders. Our purpose is to provide an even, equitable playing field in the law for those with mental disabilities, something often not afforded a person with autism or developmental problems.

“A mind not to be chang’d by place or time.
The mind is its own place, and in itself
Can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”

John Milton – Paradise Lost Book i, Line 253

Courts today take great measures to satisfy the needs of the disabled under the Americans with Disabilities Act – persons with physical conditions, mostly. However, those with mental conditions are still mistreated routinely, often with malice, usually by ignorance.

“Education is the key to ending ignorance, and kills malice against those less able to defend themselves by the righteous acts of the well informed.” – Robert Angelone PhD, Co-Founder of Reform It Now, Inc. 2014

Judges, judicial law clerks, law professors, law students, retired attorneys 65 or older, law librarians, attorneys
who work for nonprofit organizations or legal services, and unemployed attorneys all are encouraged to apply for our Scholarship Program.  Please review our Scholarship application Privacy Policy.

Private practice attorneys who participate will be listed in our Legal Referral Guide unless they opt-out.

To apply, download the RIN Scholarship Application and print it out. Fill it in, prepare all required attachments and mail to the address provided in the application instructions.