Sponsorship has its benefits!

An autistic citizen is seven times more likely to engage with police than someone without autism. They’re no more criminal than the rest of the population, but far more likely to be victims of crimes such as bullying, rape, theft and other attacks. They need help more than the average citizen, and few businesses, lawyers, government workers or doctors understand their disability. Our goal, aside from teaching about the disorder, is to advocate for the autistic and help them gain respect for their civil rights and liberties.

Becoming a sponsor of Reform It Now can be extremely productive for law firms, corporations and other organizations. With your sponsorship, you receive discounts on our education programs for your employees, and other lucrative benefits. Best of all, your tax deductible donation will go towards helping the autistic deal find the thing they need the most – Acceptance.

Invest in Autism

Donating to Reform It Now shows your professional colleagues and employees, as well as those with autism and their families, your commitment to those with this disorder, and your willingness to engage with your clients. With an ever increasing population of adults with autism, developmental disabilities and other conditions, your investment in autism supports them, and your employees and their families. Remember, one in three American families is affected by autism, directly or indirectly.

Join Reform It Now as a Corporate Partner!

Reform It Now leverages the support of the corporate community to develop partnerships that support our work as the leading non-governmental organization fully committed to funding research in the effects of autism. Focusing on the three and a half million American children and 45 million autistic citizens currently living with autism, Reform It Now invests more than 89% of its funds in its mission – among the highest percentage for charities nationwide.

Reform It Now Corporate Partners enjoy:

  • Access to and affiliation with first rate event
  • Growing networking and marketing opportunities
  • Brand awareness for your organization

Corporate Philanthropy

Join us as an important aspect of Reform It Now’s overall funding and impact. Through a one-time or multi-year commitment, your company can support Reform It Now’s on-going initiatives. Here are just a few ways your company can get involved:

Jail is no place for autismNamed Grants – attach your name and directly fund projects at the fore-front of epilepsy research

Lecture Series – present cutting-edge epilepsy research to a wide audience of our stakeholders

Education and Awareness Programs – make a smart philanthropic investment that will have a double benefit of influencing your company’s marketing position while directly supporting our mission

Reform It Crew

VolunteersEngage your employees or directly fund creative, grassroots fundraising and awareness building activities in the United State or Canada. You will reach thousands of individuals who have dedicated their time and efforts to Reform it Now’s mission. That includes almost 1,400 culinary professionals, and thousands of social media followers.

Additional opportunities include sponsoring regional meetings, conferences and lectures as well as our online courses.

For more information, contact Robert Angelone, Executive Director via donations at reformitnow.org

Download our Corporate Sponsorships brochure in .PDF format

Major Sponsors include:

  • The Horsley Family
  • The Angelone Family
  • The Epicurus Group
  • The Write Effect
  • Salesforce Foundation
  • eBay, Inc.
  • Paypal, Inc.
  • Google, Inc.
  • LinkedIn Corp.