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Everyone is entitled to competent legal counsel in a court of law.  In legal services outside the courts, every citizen should be represented by counsel with the client’s best interests at heart.  Today, one of the few groups of citizens routinely denied their rights in the legal system are those on the autism spectrum.

Our role is to help those with autism obtain competent counsel, and to get the kind of help in court, or in legal services that takes into account any special needs they may require.

Donations are exclusively used to fund legal services for the autistic individual who cannot afford counsel for critical cases and legal matters. Additionally, large donations (over $100) are used to create training for those in the legal profession about autism, creating awareness and sensitivity to those afflicted by the condition.

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Every day in our courts, autistic citizens are denied the care and consideration their condition deserves. They did not choose to be autistic, but they get less consideration than others solely because of ancient prejudices. Let’s change that!
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