Facebook Can be Amazing

Effectively starting with a small base of friends, our co-founder, Dr. Robert Angelone created the FB group, Chefs4Autism and started building its membership.
Chefs4Autism Campaign - Reform It Now
Today, Chefs4Autism has over 1,255 members and is one of Facebook’s fastest growing groups. It is open to chefs, cooks, restaurateurs, hoteliers, innkeepers or pretty much anyone involved in food, even just enjoying it.

Chefs4Autism is proud to have members in many far-away places – from Manhattan to Malaysia, Thailand to Tunbridge Wells, and many other American, Canadian and European cities. Interest in our cause is universal, with membership from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Dr. Angelone said “It’s been a bumpy learning curve, but people on Facebook are clearly interested in our cause. That alone makes it worthwhile.”

Chef Peter Silvano, now running Chef’s Life Apparel has been one of the group’s most ardent supporters, donating $5 for every item sold by his company in December 2014 to Reform It Now. He’s been promoting Chefs4Autism to his own Facebook group and his thousands of friends.

Presently, there is a plan developing to put together a chef’s dinner in New Jersey or New York to support Reform It Now’s ultimate purpose – helping the autistic get fair legal representation in courts that are aware of their condition. The Chefs4Autism Dinner will produce added awareness of the condition, and help promote hiring the autistic to work in commercial kitchens, where they’ve proven to be marvelous employees for years.

We’re currently searching for a PR firm to help us with this, as well as a marketing organization to bring Reform It Now to the next level. Watch for BIG changes happening soon.