Chefs4Autism Reaches Milestone Membership

Reform It Now’s campaign on Facebook, Chefs4Autism, has reached 900 members, consisting mostly chefs dedicated to the cause of autism awareness. The Facebook group was founded only three weeks ago, and rose in popularity quickly. The group also includes vintners, wineries, caterers, restaurateurs, innkeepers, hoteliers and hotels and others primarily in the United States, but in many other countries around the globe, with requests to join it coming in from Italy, Brazil, Spain, England, United Arab Emirates and Portugal.
Many celebrity chefs belong to Chefs4Autism. Members may also register themselves (chefs only) or their food/hospitality businesses here on this website at We encourage those in the foodservice and hospitality fields to sign up today. It’s completely free and we won’t bombard you with newsletters.

The campaign will also help promote the employment of the autistic in the restaurant and foodservice industries as cooks and chefs. “Surprisingly, those with mild autism or Aspergers make exceptional cooks and chefs” said Robert Angelone, restaurant consultant and co-founder of Reform It Now. Angelone, who has worked with autistic cooks in commercial kitchens before added “as cooks, the autistic have incredible skills behind the line and are exceptional talents in the kitchen”.

Chefs4Autism Events

One of the aims of Chefs4Autism is also to help promote chefs, hotels and restaurants that participate in campaign events. That’s why being registered on this website is so important. Our planned activities will promote and feature chefs and restaurants in high profile, visible events.

The events we’re planning include a Chef’s Contest, regional dinners and even celebrity chef events. We urge those in the culinary, foodservice and hospitality fields to join in this wonderful project and Stand Proud for Autism.

Anyone who is on Facebook may join the open group located at