The “Chefs for Autism” campaign is comprised of chefs from around the United States, with a focus on creating awareness in the courts.

Every day, people with autism face challenges such as bullying, rape, and criminal acts. As victims of crime, they often are called upon to testify or identify their assailants in court. For those without autism, such testimony is stressful, but for a person with autism it can be life-altering, and drive them to the brink of suicide. No one in that courtroom is trained to understand this, and as a result, the person is twice victimized.

Our adversarial legal system allows the defense attorney to question the autistic person, but the judge issues no guidance or restraints from harassing, angered questioning. Peppered with rapid questions, the autistic person is very likely to panic, while a non-autistic individual can absorb the rapid-fire tactic.

Chefs have always been most considerate and generous people. They truly care about humanity, and their support to educate about autism and protect those with the condition is laudable. If you’re an executive chef, please Contact Us and let us know if you’d like to participate.

Through a variety of fundraising and awareness programs, Chefs for Autism will strengthen Reform It Now, and our collective message that people with autism deserve equal, but fair treatment in the legal system, and in their engagements with their lawyers. Chefs will participate in special events an annual chef’s round-table about cooking for charity.

We’ll publish a list of the chefs who’re participating and ask you to patronize their restaurants. That list will also appear on

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Robert Angelone