Statement of Purpose is a special purpose website, intent on helping those with autism deal with the court systems in this country. We try to connect the autistic individual with attorneys in their area that are understanding, knowledgeable and aware of the special needs of autism in our courts. The free referral service will provide access to qualified attorneys we will test and certify. will provide the autistic client or their family with advocacy and support, where possible, at no charge.

Slogan / Motto

The Legal Support Center for Autism.


The defense and protection of personal rights is an essential part of American liberty and should never be denied to those with Autism.

Description is an organization that focuses on helping those with autism in our courts, and to educate the public about special needs. The organization supports research and public education projects that enhance the quality of life, and educational action to accomplish goals for the betterment of the autistic.

Mission Statement

Reform It Now, Inc.’s mission is to provide the autistic community with legal referral and advocacy services for civil and criminal issues. We exist to serve and guide autistic clients and their families. We are dedicated to fairness for the autistic in all legal matters, and advocate for them through awareness.

Since its formation, the mission of has been to improve the rights of autistic citizens in the courts, through training and educating the public and professionals. We are committed to the ideals of fairness, equality and decent treatment of all citizens. is non-partisan, non-political and will not support any individual, party affiliation or candidacy. does not and will not engage in registered or unregistered lobbying efforts to change law.