Consider Joining Our Board

The Reform It Now Board of Directors is composed of leaders from the nonprofit and for-profit sector who are dedicated to the organization’s mission of advancing the public good by creating awareness, training and education of legal professionals, and providing advocacy for the autistic and developmentally disabled in legal matters. Because Reform It Now is the preeminent educational resource for autism in law, our board strives to be a model of governance performance. Serving on the Reform It Now Board of Directors is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about strengthening leadership and advocacy in the autism sector and who has a track record of board leadership.
Board of Directors
Our board members champion the importance of exceptional board leadership and believe — as the organization does — that each and every nonprofit needs a strong and effective board to fully realize its potential for good. In addition to the standard roles and responsibilities of a board member, Reform It Now’s board members are active advocates and ambassadors for the organization and are fully engaged in identifying and securing the financial resources and partnerships necessary for Reform It Now to advance its mission.

Areas of Expertise

We are currently recruiting for diverse leaders with expertise in the following areas:

Corporate Leader

One of the most tangible ways that Reform It Now draws new and diverse leaders into our board is through partnerships with corporations that are seeking strategic ways to engage their employees in high-impact service positions throughout the nonprofit sector. Reform It Now is growing its outreach and partnerships with corporations and is fortunate to have a strong group of corporate partners working with us to strengthen nonprofit board service by offering educational programs within their companies, as well as provide philanthropic support to Reform It Now’s larger mission to advance the public good through inspired and effective board service. The ideal candidate for our corporate leader role will possess the following qualifications and areas of expertise:

  • A belief in board service — and service more broadly — as a critical element of corporate social responsibility; a personal reputation as a committed and inspired proponent of service.
  • A strong understanding of how nonprofit board service can support and augment corporate goals around employee professional development, community engagement, and philanthropic investments.
  • A firm commitment to the core mission and goals of Reform It Now, and to those we serve.
  • A strong network of decision-makers and influencers at other companies and a willingness to tap those connections to help Reform It Now identify and connect with potential corporate partners.

Recognized Governance Expert/Academic

Reform It Now values the views and research initiatives of our academic peers and is eager to increase and leverage connections with academia. The ideal candidate for our recognized governance expert/academic board member will possess the following qualifications:

  • A recognized authority in autism and developmental disability issues with a body of peer-reviewed research focused in the areas of mental health and/or legal practice.
  • A leader in respected academic networks in the area of law and an ability to identify opportunities for Reform It Now to connect and collaborate with these individuals and groups.
  • A willingness to provide guidance on legal education trends that may affect Reform It Now, our members, and our resources and services and to serve as a resource to the internal research team when requested.

Individual Board Member Responsibilities

Each board member is expected to know what exceptional governance is, to practice it as a board member, and to remain apprised of new developments in the governance and regulatory environment.

Board members are expected to read and understand Reform It Now’s financial statements and otherwise help the board fulfill its fiduciary responsibilities.

Board members are expected to attend two board meetings per year. They are expected to read board materials in advance of board meetings and come prepared to ask questions and participate in discussions.

Board members are expected to serve on one or more committees of the board and to actively participate in committee work.

Board members are expected to play an active role in securing the financial resources necessary for Reform It Now to achieve its mission. Board members are expected to leverage personal relationships and connections to help the development committee and staff identify and solicit potential funders, as well as directly invest in Reform It Now’s work by making a personal contribution each year.

Board members are expected to responsibly represent Reform It Now to their respective communities and to advocate for Reform It Now’s mission, programs, and services as appropriate.

Application Process

To be considered for nomination to the Reform It Now Board of Directors, please submit our online application.