Reform It Now Inc ( was formed as a non-profit corporation to help the autistic cope with legal problems, particularly dealing with courts. The website will help individuals with autism or their families to seek legal services from attorneys who have experience with helping the autistic, and are aware of their unique, special needs.

The concept is simple, as more autistic citizens face legal issues in our courts, they require particularly sensitive, understanding and proactive attorneys to help them. provides the forum to match such lawyers with autistic citizens or their families. serves as platform to assist the autistic, and a center for educating attorneys, judges and court officials about the difficulties they face in our legal system.

The Reasons for

Those with Autism Spectrum Disorder are just as likely to require legal services, or face legal challenges in their lifetime as anyone else. That said, the courts and legal systems are not prepared to provide special accommodation to those affected by the disorder. Most attorneys are unfamiliar with the needs of this community, and all too often fail to provide compassionate care. Some, unfortunately, take advantage of these individuals by dismissing the disorder as if it doesn’t exist. Our reason for existing is to help these individuals find competent, compassionate attorneys. Services

To achieve our goals, we’ll provide training and verification of private attorneys and help connect individuals with the ‘right’ lawyers for their legal needs. We’ll also provide information and other resources to judges, court officers, court clerks, prosecutors and others involved in the legal system about the needs of autistic individuals.